I am currently available for primarily remote freelance work as a US based Netezza consultant or Netezza DBA.  The list is not limited to those offerings available on the Netezza Consulting Services page. For administration or tuning work, we can begin with working on known problems and priority areas, or if these are not well understood, a general audit and assessment of the system to see what shakes out. Any development or review work can be done immediately if requirements are available.


  • Access to a VPN/Virtual Machine to establish connectivity, or client laptop
  • A DBA level account for anything outside of basic development expectations.
  • Ideally, admin (database superuser) and nz (linux level db owner) accounts for full tool availability.
  • 0-1 weeks expected on site, any travel to be paid by client.
  • Preference to work primarily off business hours for a variety of reasons for short terms or diagnosing certain performance issues, including that it is the best time to perform A/B performance testing, and it avoids any resource intensive work I do competing with resources serving your user queries. Regular hours available as well.
  • Production access to see how objects are actually laid out and used.
  • Production access for any reporting to be done based on query history.
  • Additional tool access as expected and required; examples: SAS, Tableau, Business Objects, etc.