SAS on Netezza

SAS on Netezza is a pretty common use case. However there are some things to consider to ensure one is getting the most out of both their SAS environment and their Netezza environment. SAS can be used for a variety Read More

Tableau on Netezza

Tableau on Netezza is a common use case – and generally makes both look pretty good. Tableau is a great tool for visualizing data and allowing new analytic insight to be gained. Netezza as a backend allows for quick and Read More

Netezza Query History Reporting

Nearly every Netezza database has a query history database turned on for keeping track of what is going on in the system. This database records each query that took place on the server as well as metadata around the query. Read More

Netezza Database Backup and Restore

There are some things to consider when setting up a Netezza backup approach, as well as restore for one of the available Disaster Recovery (DR) options. Typically Netezza is hosting rather large databases, so a hefty amount of storage is Read More

What is Netezza?

What is Netezza? Netezza is somewhat of a niche database which many people may have not encountered before. It doesn’t have the market presence of something like Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server – but that’s because Netezza was never intended Read More